Top 5 Disney Vacation Souvenirs

When you first arrive at Walt Disney World, souvenirs greet you at every turn. There are souvenirs specific to each park, ride, character, and property! It can be tempting to want to BUY IT ALL but most of us rarely have the budget, or suitcase space, to buy everything we see. With so much Disney merchandise to select from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know which one to choose. These are my top five must-have Disney vacation souvenirs based on three criteria:

  • Size - easily fits in your suitcase for the return home
  • Long lasting - you will enjoy it for years to come
  • Budget friendly - you won't worry about the price and can focus on the FUN

1. Disney T-Shirt

T-shirts are easily a top pick for a must-have Disney souvenir. Get a classic Mickey shirt and you’ll wear it over and over.  A bonus is that you can pack it to wear for your next Disney vacation because one trip is never enough!

Disney souvenir t-shirt

2. Disney Christmas Ornament

Ornaments are one of my favorite souvenirs to commemorate a Disney vacation.  This is where you can specifically choose your souvenir according to the year you traveled, your destination, or your child’s favorite Disney character/interest that year.  The possibilities are endless!  Each year you hang it on the tree you’ll be reminded of all of your magical memories.

Disney souvenir Christmas ornament

3. Disney Trading Pins

Once you know, you know! Disney trading pins are such an enjoyable way to celebrate anything you love about Disney.  Collect as many trading pins as you like and either keep them to enjoy or trade them with other guests while at the parks.  Attach your Disney pins to a lanyard and hang it in your child’s room or put them in a display case to help you recall your magical memories.

Disney souvenir trading pins

4. Disney Coffee Mug

A Disney coffee mug is the perfect way to commemorate your magical Disney vacation each time you pour a cup.  Like ornaments, Disney coffee mugs can be specific to your favorite Disney resort, Disney Park, year of travel, or favorite Disney character.  It may be cold and dreary where you are, but your Disney souvenir mug will let you imagine that you're miles away, relaxing at a Disney resort.

Disney souvenir coffee mug

5. Disney Magnets

Disney magnets are another fun way to remember your Disney vacation. The magnets are playful and whimsical and are perfect for letting you display your own Disney personality.

Disney souvenir magnets

I hope these ideas encourage you that Disney vacation souvenirs don’t have to be expensive to be memorable.  These souvenirs are perfect to bring home for yourself and, because they easily fit in your suitcase, you can grab an extra one or two to bring home as gifts for friends, family, teachers, or the person who took care of your dog while you were having a magical time! Use this list to help you confidently choose the best, must-have Disney vacation souvenir and focus your time and energy on having a joyful time at the most magical place on Earth!

All you need is a suitcase and a dream,