13 Things To Pack For a Day at a Disney Park So That You Feel Prepared

Loungefly x Mickey All Over Mini Backpack

You don’t need to take everything but the kitchen sink to make sure you’re well prepared for a day at the

parks.  A few items is all you’ll need to make sure your day is enjoyable.  This is my must-have list of

essential items for a day at the Disney parks.

What To Bring – (links to affiliate products I use and love are highlighted)

  • Magic Bands for each person
  • Pair of sunglasses for each person
  • Small snacks like goldfish or fruit leather
  • Chafing gel – Liquid gold, trust me!  Put it any place body parts rub together.
  • Your phone
  • Old phones with games on them to entertain your kids while waiting
  • External battery 
  • Charging cord
  • Mini-umbrellas or ponchos for each person
  • Sunscreen
  • Credit card in case the Magic Band system goes down
  • I.D. for credit card usage and alcohol beverages
  • Small bottles of ibuprofen


What To Leave At Home

Do not bring water bottles!  They add unnecessary weight to your backpack which will make you

uncomfortable as you’re trying to move throughout the parks.  To stay hydrated, remember that all quick-

service restaurants will give you cups of water for free so you don’t need to worry about getting thirsty or

using a snack credit just to get some water.


What To Bring It In

Speaking of backpacks, I prefer backpacks over cross-body bags.  Cross-body bags can rub your neck and

the weight isn’t evenly distributed which means you start walking like an old lady by midday.  Or maybe

that’s just me.  You can get a backpack anyplace but my absolute favorite Disney backpacks are by

Loungefly.  You can find some great choices from Shop Disney or here from Amazon.


I hope this helps you know what to bring in your backpack at Disney so that you can focus on the fun!


All you need is a suitcase and a dream,